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Our Mission

To Produce High Performers who live with purpose, lead in service of others and leave their own powerful legacy in the world and in all aspects of their lives




What we can do for you


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Our Vision of the Future

We see a world of high performers using their lives to inspire others to lead, live and love life fully, on purpose

Lee's story

When I was a child, I didn't really believe in myself and tried to work things out on my own.

My father left before I was born and my mum was absent a lot and then took her own life when I was 15.

Then, I joined the Army at 16 and experienced a powerful change in my own perception of myself.

Later, I started to become the facilitator of that change for other young men who didn't really believe in themselves either, and saw the same dramatic results.

The boys became men and a fire was lit in me.

I realised that positive change is far more effective and likely to happen if you follow a powerful process and have experienced people to guide you through it.

So, I set off on a journey to find the best coaching  process in the world and to become the best coach I can be.

I know that so many people are revolving instead of evolving, they end up going through the motions of change without enough effect for them to feel happy or proud of their efforts.

On my journey I have realised this powerful breakthrough formula:

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Our Breakthrough formula

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Sleep makes you live longer, enhances your memory, makes you more creative, attractive, lowers food cravings, protects you from cancer, dementia, wards off colds, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke and diabetes! It even makes you happier, less depressed and less anxious. You deserve to sleep well and I can show you how to enhance your sleep today!

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"I can unreservedly recommend Lee to anyone who is looking for support and coaching to get them to the next level and to learn the skills and approach to be the best you can be. I get more done in less time, my business, personal and sporting life is evenly balanced, and Lee has helped me be a high performer."

Chris Barrowman
Owner, Infinity Blu Dental Group

"Coaching with Lee has been revolutionary. I am a better me, my team's performance across all functions (personally and professionally) is at another level. If you want to truly invest in your people and create a High Performing organisation, you must work with Lee, I can’t recommend him enough."

Neil Wilkes
British Army Officer

"Lee has changed my life..... High performance coaching is amazing and has helped me to realise my potential that had been lost for a long while. I am more productive at work and more present in my personal life. I am much more aware and in control of my emotions, life is good!"

Robert Graham-Brown
Partner - Abacus Research

"High Performance Coaching with Lee is life changing. Every single session unlocks new levels of performance and effect in my life. I am so grateful to continue in this programme - my life is 100% different to just 6 months ago! I’m very proud of where I’m taking my mind and my life! Thank you so much Lee!"

Kat Parkin
Business Owner and Ironman Athlete

One to One Coaching

You are not your problem - what you have come to learn about you is your problem

I can help you find your purpose, enthusiasm and excitement for life again

I can help you optimise your performance and experience of life across all areas, and sustain it for the rest of your life

Gain new perspective, become more aware of you and skill up - it'll change your life 

1 2 1 Coaching

Group Coaching

I run Certified High Performance Group Coaching for the British Military's leadership and their Units 

Executive Teams and individuals internationally from around the world 

Invest genuinely in yourself and your people with tangible and measurable effect

Join likeminded people or create a group for your team to discover & unlock your potential

Group Coaching

Monthly Membership

Love personal development but feel you struggle to maintain the drumbeat of high performance?

Many of my clients want a refresher to help them build sustainable habits

Optimise monthly coaching membership gives you 90 mins of live coaching with me every month

We focus on scientific and proven strategies to build & Optimise your habits & your life

Optimise Coaching

Get my powerful and science backed High Performance Video Series and make immediate positive impact in your levels of Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Courage and Influence


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